The Founder

My passion for the awe-inspiring beauty and wilderness of the Soča river and my fascination for the challenging and elegant game of fly fishing began 20 years ago when I was only 12. My mother took me to the Soča river in Slovenia when I was in my early teens and I immediately fell in love with the raw, untouched nature of the Triglav National Park and the crystal clear, pristine waters of the Soča.


The Pilot

The Soča Valley is my home and with my father as a dedicated fly-fisherman I had my first experiences in fly-fishing before I was a teenager. Its a tradition in our valley to be a fisherman. After the years I found myself doing all other kinds of outdoor sports like kajaking, mountain biking and paragliding. Motivated by my two friends from Austria and the Netherlands, I found myself fly-fishing again after a decade of doing other sports. Now I have been learning for some years to improve drone shots and I am the one who takes care for all language barriers and local communication management.


The Enthusiast

Coming from the Soča Valley, I studied photography in secondary school in Ljubljana. By doing various student jobs it came clear to me that I want to expand my knowledge about videography. Back home I heard about the “Emerald Paradise” project and its ideology and wanted to be a part of it. By beeing out there in the nature it made me realise how beautiful my home region actually is. By correcting colours for photos and working on creative camera movements and much more I can now do all things I like to do most.


The Tech-Pro

Photography and videography started to grow on me in highschool. I was mountain biking a lot and got my first camera, a GoPro, which was a great deal for me back then. I am still studying graphics and interactive communication to add a broader-based knowledge to my skills. As an additional job I was working for Sony as a camera specialist. This helped me to gain a deeper knowledge of the technical aspects of a variety of digital tools. The „Emerald Paradise“ project is for me a chance to stay in the valley and to continue my quest of becoming a professional filmmaker.


The Multi-Talent

My perception on photography and videography was mainly influenced by the beautiful Soca Valley where I live. Even in my childhood days I always borrowed my father’s old camera with the intention to show everyone the beautiful nature as I saw it from my perspective. Seeing life in pictures enables me to appreciate the special moments even more. That’s why I always press the record button to save them. By studying Administrative Information Systems and working for Apple, I am able to learn more about Computer Systems, Software and Communication. In beeing part of the documentary production, I am able to make a profession out of my hobbies and to meet a lot of wonderful people who love nature like I do.


The Yogi

I started my photographic journey in the year 2004 with my first digital DSLR camera. As I love nature, my first pictures mainly showed forests, landscapes and animals. Shortly after I immersed in the microcosm of the macrophotography. These pictures show foreign worlds and alien landscapes, often magnetized in symmetrical compositions. In 2016 Yoga brought me to Slovenia and I saw the Soca river the first time and fell in love with it. So, in 2017 I decided to leave Germany and move to the Soča Valley. Due to lyme-disease, I had to stay in Germany for two more years to get healthy again. Finally in 2019 I made my dream come true and moved to Slovenia. One week after my arrival I met Laurens and now I am very grateful to be part of his great team and to be able to create some marvellous impressions of the breathtaking nature in the Soca Valley.